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Linda Hochstetler

Clinical Social Worker / Therapist MSW, RSW

Home Healthcare Services

I’m a registered social worker in private practice who wants to help you talk about living life more fully. I recognize that this can be challenging with illness, death and dying concerns. I am keen for everyone to feel more at ease around the topic of death and dying. I can help face a fear of death, which often comes up when our bodies start to fail us and we’re experiencing disease and illness.

I have more than 20 years’ experience providing counselling and social work conversations and discussions. I’m comfortable with individuals and groups, including various family members. I am knowledgeable about Toronto’s community agencies, home care services, and palliative care hospital units, as well as hospices and long-term care facilities. I help families discuss difficult topics together and complete Advance Care Directives (living wills) and end of life wishes.

I am an excellent problem solver and can help you listen to your heart and figure out what the next step is for you. Learn how to make well thought out decisions for healthcare and end of life care. Clients tell me I am open, direct, positive, empathic, and fearless about talking about death and dying, as well as other uncomfortable family topics, in ways that they have never experienced with any other grief counsellor.

Professional Background

I have extensive experience working with people dealing with depression and anxiety, as well as other mental health issues. I have worked in both community and employee assistance programs, and I provided psychotherapy myself, but also supervised other therapists. I have worked with persons with a wide range of issues, ages, and cultures. I currently work full time in private practice delivering services in both private homes and in an office at the Village Healing Centre.

More recently, I have been specializing in end of life issues related to illness, death, dying, and loss. I host Death Cafes and encourage everyone to talk more openly about their inevitable deaths. I am a Buddhist Lay Chaplain as well as a Social Worker. I have been volunteering at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with individuals and families facing various cancer issues, including the in-patient Palliative Care unit. I also volunteer as a Resident and Family Care Provider at Kensington Hospice, a residential hospice, providing a homey, comfortable place for persons in their final weeks and months of life. I have completed studies in Thanatology and Palliative Care, and am involved with the Buddhist Education Network of Ontario for Buddhist palliative care, which is setting up a non-residential Buddhist Hospice.

Issues I Can Help You With

Death & dying
Grief and loss
Changing relationships
Making tough decisions

Who I Work With

Individuals, couples, families, seniors, and groups
People who are dying, having health difficulties, or planning for their own eventual deaths
People who are supporting others and their death and dying process

The wound is the place where the light enters you. 
- Rumi